“Wassup, man?”

November 9th 2017: Alvadi and iPhone X

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since my last post here! I’ve been busy working on updates for Alvadi and that AppBleed thing 😉

Alvadi 1.3 has been updated to support the new Safe Area layout guides months ago, along with the iOS 11 and watchOS 4 SDK. And when iPhone X came, it was already compatible with it.

However, I’ve slightly modified Alvadi to fully support Face ID (thanks to Xcode 9.0.1), creating the best possible experience for iPhone X users.

So, Alvadi 1.3.1 is now live on the App Store! And trust me, Face ID + Alvadi on iPhone X is an awesome experience when you launch the app  🙂

July 13th 2017: Alvadi 1.2 “Summer” and App Store

Alvadi 1.2 “Summer” will be available for free on the App Store on July 14th, France’s Bastille Day (like the Independence Day in the US :))

Here’s the full changelog:

Please note (o>O):
– Alvadi 1.2 is the second major revision (called Summer) of Alvadi 1!
– iOS 10.3 and watchOS 3.2 (or newer) are now required

Changelog (*>*):
– iOS 10.3 and watchOS 3.2 (or newer) now required
– Alvadi is now free for a basic use, and an In-App purchase will enable advanced features like Budget Review and Regular Operations (see 1. below)
– Introducing Alvadi Store, where you’ll be able to buy In-App purchases to improve your Alvadi experience!
– New Budget Forecast mode: by double tapping the circular budget view, you will enable the Budget Forecast mode. This mode will automatically subtract the regular operations from the current budget before they even occur. No more nasty surprises at the end of the month 😛
– New Category feature: choose a category for a Regular or One-Time Operation!
– Improved Budget Review for a better understanding. And now, there’s a pie chart too 🙂
– The main screen has been replaced by a brand new Dashboard screen!
– Completely redesigned Regular Operations screen
– Revamped Operations List screen
– Peek and Pop support on the Dashboard for devices with 3D Touch!
– Slightly tweaked animations
– Shared foundations have been updated
– Other minor UI modifications
– Other minor translation modifications
– Other bug fixes and improvements

1. if you already paid for Alvadi, these features will remain enabled as long as you don’t remove Alvadi

Fiction (^>^):
Alvadi 1.2 Summer has a great hidden feature: Moonlight Dance. If you dance on the moonlight while creating a new One-Time Operation, Alvadi will build a rocket and fly you to the moon. It won’t be NASA-certified though.

“Alvadi is back with a better user interface, an improved user experience and tons of new features.”

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April 28th 2017: Alvadi 1.1 “Spring” and App Store

Hello everyone, there’s three things I’d like to talk about:

  1. App Store Price Changes: Unfortunately, Apple will change the App Store prices for Euro currency. Alvadi will be at 1.09EUR instead of 0.99EUR. I won’t change the current price model (Tier 1), but to counterbalance that, I will organize flash sales where Alvadi will be free for a limited amount of time.
  2. Ad Campaign: On May 3rd 2017, our “Alvadi US” Search Ads campaign will start. App Store users living in the USA will see a featured Alvadi download link based on their search query, keywords and Search Ads algorithms directly within the App Store. I hope this will help users find Alvadi and discover what it can offer to them.
  3. ChangeLog: Here it is, the entire changelog that will be visible on the App Store:

Please note (o>O):
Alvadi 1.1 is THE first major revision (called “Spring”) of Alvadi 1!

Changelog (*>*):
– Compiled against iOS 10.3 SDK and watchOS 3.2 SDK
– iCloud is now optional, but is still required for Apple Watch app
– Local data (if iCloud isn’t enabled) is protected using security mechanisms provided by iOS
– 3D Touch shortcuts on Home screen to open operations list, regular operations, new one-time operation
– Shared foundations have been updated
– Custom popup user interface animations have been revamped
– Non-critical alerts have been reimplemented with our own custom popup user interface
– iOS Keyboard now suggests words when entering notes
– Fixes a problem where current budget wouldn’t be correctly rounded
– Fixes a problem where a malformed filter query would crash the app
– Other minor UI modifications
– Other minor translation modifications
– Other bug fixes and improvements

Fiction (^>^):
Alvadi 1.1 has a great new “Pimp my Cow” mode. If you create a new one-time operation while petting a cow, your cow will receive cool new sunglasses.

“Alvadi 1.1 Spring is our best release yet, packed with new features, bug fixes and various improvements.”

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April 23rd 2017: Alvadi 1.1 “Spring” Release Schedule

On May 1st at 00:00 (UTC +2:00), Alvadi 1.1 “Spring” will be rolled out to the App Store worldwide. It will be available to new customers and as an update to Alvadi 1.0 users as well.

To celebrate this release, Alvadi will be free for a limited time (from May 1st to May 3rd). If you want to try Alvadi out, it will be the best time to do so!

One More Thing: On Friday 28th, I’ll add a new entry on Wassup with two things I haven’t talked about yet. Stay tuned!

“Alvadi 1.1 Spring is our best release yet, packed with new features, bug fixes and various improvements.”

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Availability depends on the App Store and your time zone. It can take up to 24 hours before it appears on the App Store. Price changes are applied at the beginning of the day.

April 21th 2017: Alvadi 1.1 “Spring” is coming

The next major revision of Alvadi is around the corner: Alvadi 1.1 “Spring”. I’ve already released on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube new information about it before its general release.

Once Alvadi 1.1 “Spring” is officially out, I’ll post a new entry on Wassup with its full changelog.

If you wanna know more, go to the Alvadi webpage, or watch the App Preview on YouTube.

April 13th 2017: Version naming convention

I’d like to clarify my version naming convention:

  • The format is x.y.z
    • x is the version (basically one per year)
    • y is the major revision (four per year, one per season)
    • z is the minor revision (when a bug is discovered and cannot wait until the next major revision)
  • For instance: Alvadi 2.1.3
    • x = 2 so this is the second version version of Alvadi released one year after Alvadi 1
    • y = 1 so this is the first major revision out of four (named Spring, 2 would be Summer, and so on)
    • z = 3 so this is the third bug fix build of Alvadi 2.1

By doing this, I’m sure that each major revision is built against the latest SDK available and each version is compatible with the latest devices (like when a new iPhone with a different screen size comes out :)). This is also the best for the customer which will receive regular updates and bug fixes and the insurance that the app is actively maintened and compatible with the latests OSes and devices.

Oh, and BTW, Alvadi 1.1 Spring will be coming soon, so you know why I wanted to clarify my version naming convention! 🙂

March 16th 2017: Alvadi and App Store

Since its launch, Alvadi has been #10, #4 and #2 on the French iOS App Store charts for its category (Finance and Paid app). This is truly awesome, and I’d like to thank everyone who bought the app. This is only a beginning, I have bigger plans for the months ahead, so stay tuned 🙂

You can learn more and buy Alvadi from here, and see the chart here.

March 13th 2017: Alvadi and iCloud

Alvadi relies on iCloud to properly work. iCloud is Apple’s Cloud service. iCloud provides Backup, Photos sync, Mail, iCloud Drive to store documents, and more, to Apple users. With CloudKit, developers can use this Cloud power for their own needs in a secure and efficient way. Alvadi uses CloudKit to store its data and keep it in sync between your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Data in iCloud is secured with Apple’s strong encryption mechanisms and can only be accessed by you (even I can’t).

As such, please, if you don’t use iCloud, then don’t buy Alvadi. It would be useless for you.

March 11th 2017: Alvadi hits the App Store

Alvadi is now available on Apple’s major platform, iOS, and its counterpart for wearable devices like Apple Watch, watchOS.

Alvadi runs on iPhone and iPad running iOS 10.0+ and Apple Watch running watchOS 3.0+. Alvadi is available worldwide, with French and English translations. CloudKit allows users to securely put their financial data in iCloud, with strong encryption and with the insurance that only them can access their data.

I’d like to give a special thank to the Mac4Ever crew, who will give promo codes to their readers in a special contest: Go see it.

If you wanna know more about Alvadi, please follow this link.

March 10th 2017: Alvadi is coming

Tomorrow, Alvadi will be available worldwide, after months of work during my spare time and vacations. It’s been more than a year since the last app I published on the App Store (it was myNews, BTW). For Alvadi, I tried to make the best use of all the Apple technologies (CloudKit, iPad support with keyboard shortcuts, and so on) into this product. Of course, I’d like to thank everybody who contributed, from inspiration to UI/UX and testing. I hope everybody will enjoy it.

PS: Alvadi will be on sale at $0.99. I don’t plan to make a living out of it, but if it could help me pay the Apple Developer Program cost, I think it’s a reasonable price.