Bloomberg: “Apple to Reveal New Home-Grown Apps, Software Features at WWDC”

On Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. is planning to unleash a slew of new apps, features and development tools at its annual software conference next month. To improve its devices and strengthen its connection to customers, the consumer technology giant will continue to walk a fine line between wooing outside app makers while also competing against them. 

– Mark Gurman

On iOS: It seems like the iOS 11 debacle paid off – Apple focusing one more time on performance improvements for a major iOS update is great news. I’m also thrilled by the revamped Health app and the improved Home app. To me, health and automation is the future, and Apple continues to improve their vision of it. Next year’s AR improvements seems to indicate that the “Apple AR Glasses” might be released in the near future. Also: multi-user support for HomePod! 🙂

On watchOS: Finally! The App Store is coming to the Watch itself! No more shrinked down App Store as a tab on the Watch app. And new Watch faces! I hope that by next year we will get 3rd-party Watch faces on the now-on-device App Store…

On macOS: Marzipan coming (officially) to developers is the salvation of the platform. macOS has suffered bugs for the past years (like allowing root login with no password? Seriously?) and the Mac App Store is a disaster. This year, Apple focused on the roots of macOS (apparently as a two-year effort, Mojave being a transition version) and Marzipan will allow the Mac platform to tap into the iPad’s vibrant app ecosystem. I just hope that Apple really improved UIKit to support macOS’ UI/UX (basically multi-window support and mouse input).

This year’s WWDC sounds really exciting: all of this is just reports from various sources and we still have to see all of this working in front of us, on our own devices. We, developers, will sure have a lot of work to do.

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