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Alvadi 1.6.6 is still coming!

A UI glitch has been found on Alvadi 1.6.6 running on iOS 14.2 that prevents the user from inputting a note to either a new or an existing operation. This UI glitch is not present on Alvadi 1.6.5 and backwards. The planned-for-release build, 152, has been removed from TestFlight. Amusingly, this same build has been approved by Apple for the App Store release, and was […]


Alvadi 1.6.6 is coming!

A new version of Alvadi, 1.6.6, is almost ready for prime time! This new version is built against the iOS 14.1, iPadOS 14.1 and watchOS 7.0 SDKs, but for the first time it’ll retain its iOS 13 compatibility, meaning that Alvadi 1.6.6 can be used on iOS / iPadOS 13.6, iOS / iPadOS 14.0 and iOS 14.1 / iPadOS 14.1 🙂 Also new, on iOS […]


SwiftUI & Xcode 11 beta

Today, a rant against SwiftUI AND Xcode: SwiftUI is neat. Really. I’ve seen talented people on Twitter showing what it’s already possible to achieve with it. I’m using it for upcoming projects, and it actually motivates me to move to Swift from Objective-C But. I know Swift and I’ve written apps in Swift. But to me, Objective-C (or ObjC) is far more readable and easy […]