Welcome aboard!

Welcome to my new website!

Here, you will find information about my projects and stuff like that. Basically a portfolio, or maybe more like a resume. Not sure yet.

There is also a new blog called “Rants & Thoughts”, so please feel free to comment!

Rants & Thoughts

Rants & Thoughts is the name of my personal blog, replacing “WASSUP” from the previous website.

Alvadi 1.6 is coming!

After a few months in the making, Alvadi 1.6 is finally ready for prime time! If you want to know more about Alvadi, click here! Here’s the full changelog: •Compiled against the iOS 13.2 SDK, iPadOS 13.2 SDK and watchOS 6.1 SDK •iOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.2 or watchOS 6.1 (or up) required •iOS 13, iPadOS …

SwiftUI & Xcode 11 beta

Today, a rant against SwiftUI AND Xcode: SwiftUI is neat. Really. I’ve seen talented people on Twitter showing what it’s already possible to achieve with it. I’m using it for upcoming projects, and it actually motivates me to move to Swift from Objective-C But. I know Swift and I’ve written apps in Swift. But to …