Alvadi 1.6.6 is still coming!

A UI glitch has been found on Alvadi 1.6.6 running on iOS 14.2 that prevents the user from inputting a note to either a new or an existing operation.

This UI glitch is not present on Alvadi 1.6.5 and backwards.

The planned-for-release build, 152, has been removed from TestFlight.

Amusingly, this same build has been approved by Apple for the App Store release, and was pending developer approval. I have rejected the build from the App Store.

A new build, 153, has been compiled against the iOS 14.2 SDK and resolves the UI glitches. Alvadi 1.6.6 build 153 will be submitted soon to TestFlight and the App Store Review and if everything goes well, will be available next week.

By Pierre Blazquez

I mess with computers, drink too much coffee and listen to music at max volume.